yea so basically ive been in this band since about christmas and we used to practice like once a week but then all of a sudden our singer started being a dick, he used to be like my best m8 but now me and adam (drummer) start trying to arrange band practices and the singer just makes up the worst excuses i have ever heard in my life. i want to be in this band but the singer is holding us back sooo much. we cant get rid of him though so i might just quit. our singer plays guitar and he is rhythm while he sings. he isn't the most confident person ever. we even asked him if he didn't want to sing he said he did but when we do have a band practice, he doesn't even bring any equipment with him! and he has microphones, amps, guitars even a set of drums because his dad is a musician and his brother is some awesome guitarist in a metal band.

anyway feels a bit better now

if anyone could give me some advice it would be cool.
maybe threatening to stab him lol. nah your best bet is staying in the band mate cos they dont come round that frequently. only quit if it just aint working out well for all of you.
I'm not too sure what to suggest...maybe just tell him that unless he cleans up his act then you'll have to find a replacement.

If you give him ample warning and time to change his ways and he still doesnt improve, maybe you and the other band members ( i dont know how many u have) could start a secondary band with a different, more committed person.

But if you plan on going anywhere with it you'll need committed members.

That's my 2 cents, Dave.
Don't cancel a rehearsal just because he says he can't make it, rehearse without him, write songs and make the best general progress you can while he's not there, then when he does eventualy turn up and finds he has a lot of catching up to do, he'll either make sure he makes it to rehearsals in future or leave.
Either way, problem solved.
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Sounds a lot like my old situation.My rythym guitarist and I were bestfriends with ouir vocalist.But our vocalist made up bull**** excuses not to show up for practice.so the rest of use made songs and practiced 3 times a week,while he went off skating and other ****. Then the vocalist for Dark Haven(Don) gave me a call because i put up a craigslist add for a vocalist and was interested.Willing to drive down from covina every weekend to practice.I live in Alhambra,SGV area.But my other mate didnt want to kick him out because he was one of our bestmates.I ended up leaving because he was holding us back,and soon after everything else fell apart.

If he doesnt go to a practice within the next 2 weeks,try to convince the other guys in your band to kick him out.Because from what your saying he doesnt sound like hes taking this seriously at all.
Practice with another singer as like a "random jam session" thing. But do it again and again.

It'll annoy your lead singer and he'll come to practice. And if not, your still practicing and getting to know a possible replacement singer or singer for a new band?
We had a similar situation in my band - except with the drummer. Again with the lame excuses

"I can't come this week, my brother's arm fell off and now we have to feed him ice cream every 3 mins" etc.

We just made really obvious attempts to replace him, to which he came running back to us.

He can be a bit of pain tho...
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