Hey, I'm in a rock band from southern England, and we recently recorded 2 cover songs - Plug In Baby by Muse and Monkey Wrench by the Foo Fighters

they're done on a digital camera, and aren't brilliant quality obviously but the levels are reasonable, with the drums slightly too loud and the vocals slightly too quiet.

Anyway take a look, we also have a couple of originals up if you want to have a listen but we're generally looking for feedback (feel free to comment on youtube if that's easier)

anyway thanks for reading and i will happily crit yours in return

bass? leik.... the main thing in plug in baby
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agreed, and I (sam, the one near the camera) do play bass but we worked this song with extra guitar in the verses to fill it out and ended up doing a two-guitar version of it. If we ever got a chance to record properly (with single tracks) then the bass would most certainly be there
I think it was bad
muse cover was bad
the guitars had a lot of mistakes, the drums too, a lot of timing problems
the vocal was mostly out of tune...and no bass in muse cover? muse's covers are very hard to do well...and without bass it's imposible

monkey wrench was a bit better...less timing problems the guitars and the drums were okay, the vocal still wasn't good...out of tune a lot...and he was a bit boring...
sorry...hmm oh and my crits are usually harsh so don't take it too personally it's just my opinion
Hey, no problem each to their own.

the guitar isn't perfect, but i think the quality makes it seem worse than it was, and personally i thought the timing was pretty good. And i'm getting the vibe that for future muse covers i'm going to have to use my bass

anyway thanks
yea, however good the guitar is in muse, its defining quality is the bass
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yeah dude, the plug in baby cover wasn't that great as a whole. I didn't hear the other covers so I can't comment on those.
ok guys i get the picture...the guitar is out of tune

we did tune at the start, but i guess it must have got knocked or something