Hey, I'm in a rock band from southern England, and we recently recorded our first 2 original songs:

You Could Die A Hero - Fast paced, pretty heavy, your straight-up rock songs
Forever Ain't Long Enough - Pretty fast rock song with a funky drum part.

they're done on a digital camera, and aren't brilliant quality obviously but the levels are reasonable, with the drums slightly too loud and the vocals slightly too quiet.

Anyway take a look, we also have a couple of covers up if you want to have a listen but we're generally looking for feedback (feel free to comment on youtube if that's easier)

anyway thanks for reading and i will happily crit yours in return

Forever ain't long enough: the song sounds good, i guess the lead is a bit repetitive, you should maybe change it a bit, the quality is pretty bad, i cannot hear everything, the vocals quite good, the drums are too loud on the recording, but it doesn't matter, all in all it's good!

this song sounds better, the drums again seem to be the problem, the vocals would be much better if the singer new the lyrics by heart, anyway it's a good song, you have potential, keep it up!!

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You need to get a better recording method sorted, the bass is impossible to hear.
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n to the k: i replied and thanks for the feedback!

And yeah we do need better recordings, but there aren't many options for us atm, hopefully something wil appear in the next few months.
obviously the quality is bad, you know that, im listening to forever aint long enough and i guess if i was going to give some criticism id say the singer should put a little more emotion into his singing and have it be more powerful. he is good but it seems slightly dull and i feel like he could improve on that.
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hey thanks, with the bad recording it cuts him down a lot, which obviously doesn't help but thanks for the feedback