I just got the Bugera 6260-212 two nights ago, and I freeking love it. It sounds awsom. But there is some bad news. It broke =( Rather I broke it. I left it on standby for a long time(like 5 hours)(yea I no im retarted) and it doesnt work any more. **** my life. So I dont know what happened. Mita blew a tube or something. Its just all crackey and I cant hear the guitar at all. It turns on and everything though(all the lights come on) what do i need to get, and if it is just a blown tube, how can i tell which one it is?
Could anyone help me? please!!!????
Leaving it on standby for 5 hours shouldn't do any harm to it anyway

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yeah I mean leaving it on standby shouldn't harm it. What about the hundreds of bands that play concerts and are actually playing through their amp for 3 hours straight? Would make tubes kinda an inefficient way to handle everything lol.

But did you get it used, maybe the tubes where at the end of their life? Definately use the warranty if you can
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Take it to a shop to get it fixed. Hopefully it's covered under warranty and it's a quick fix.
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Yeah, warrenty. 5 Hours of standby shouldnt do anything.
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As I've posted in your other threads, shoddy tubes man. Change em

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