Crusader play a kindof mix of metal and rock, I'm not really going to go into detail on genre, as I don't really know or care how to describe it.



Oh, any any UG'ers in the Bath area, check out our gig listings, we're playing the racecourse there (27th Sept) with LORDI and MAYHEM. Woo.
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Firstly, this isn't what I what I'd normally listen to. I like the way "Denier" sounds overall, but it gets kind of repetitious. The vocals sound pretty good for most of the songs, but there are a few parts where they don't sound so hot. The parts all seem well written and sound good, but at the moment the mix seems a little bit muddled. It adds a nice dirty sound to the song, but most people won't like that.

The rhythm guitar at the start of "Insurrection" sounds pretty boring and the quality is lacking. I think the lead part could sound clearer. I don't really like the growling - personal preference. Things sound off around 1:30-1:50 - just kind of not together. I like the lead part, but once again I think everything needs to be mixed and more pronounced and clearer.

I really like the sound of "Inhale Reprise" - the harmonics sound terrific. However, this reminds me of almost every metal band doing a soft intro for a heavy song.

"Listen" has a nice riff, but I'm not a fan of the vocals. The only real negative thing I can say is that I think you need to work on getting clearer recordings that are mixed better. You've got some solid songs, but they need a bit of work. The only other complaint I have is that they sound too similar to a lot of other metal around already.