Hi, I'm in a band from Sussex, England and we recently recorded 4 songs, 2 covers and 2 originals:

Plug In Baby - Muse
Monkey Wrench - Foo Fighters
You Could Die A Hero - Fast paced, pretty heavy, your straight-up rock songs
Forever Ain't Long Enough - Pretty fast rock song with a funky drum part.

they're done on a digital camera, and aren't brilliant quality obviously but the levels are reasonable, with the drums slightly too loud and the vocals slightly too quiet.

any feedback would be much appreciated, as would any suggestions for a name

anyway thanks for reading

For a name... how about 103.3 The Duck? I honestly don't think you'd consider that, but I feel wrong not having an introduction to my review.

Forever Ain't Long Enough - This song does, as you say, seem rather vertical and lacking in frills. Good rock song. I have no idea what the bassist is playing for any of the song, but just hearing the other parts inspires me to say a fast bass part would be good for this song. It just occurred to me that the guy in the background might be playing another guitar (I can't see him well), so... either nevermind, or get a bassist. Vocals sound good (and quiet), perhaps you might consider ending the song at the vocal solo?

You Could Die A Hero - Not a bad solo, and I only heard you get out of time once. Basically, same stuff as the first song (except ending after the vocal solo).

Covers - In Plug In Baby you sound good except that the guitar sounds detuned a bit. Monkey Wrench sounded pretty good, but if you cover that song, the vocals have to have a lot of power (not necessarily screaming). Also, the guitar melody in the intro is almost inaudible... better recordings would do you guys a lot of good.
103.3 The Duck? Hmm...I honestly don't think we will, but how did that name come about?

the guy in the green (grant) is actually on sort of lead/rhythm, while the guy at the front (me) is kind of rhythm/bass. i do actually play bass, but we worked both these songs around 2 guitars. if we ever record properly i'll be sure to make a fast/paced bassline.

and yeah, we do need better recordings, but we don't have all that many options atm, hopefully at the turn of the new year something will come up.

anyway, thanks a bunch for the feedback, it's much appreciated!
honestly, it all seemed a little slow and boring for rock(course im a metal guy, everything else seems a little soft) i would recommend a more biting sound, more aggression, and just more feeling when you play. How about the name,

Konked at 12? if you choose it, give me kredits
thanks, and yes we do need a bit more agression, but with only 3 practice amps and one pedal between us, it is hard. but i get what you mean, and thanks for the feedback.

Konked at 12? I'll pass it on to the other guys, see what they think