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Its so crap,,,, I died
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Not bad, needs work
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you have somthing there, not bad at all
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amazing,, I want to read some more
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could rate this dub poem please


Please rate me,,,,

I woke today to see others Mimic!

Then I walked pass the posters of gimmick!

As the Masquerade paraded them self’s in groups as they betrayed themselves!

I walk briskly afraid pass the sprayed walls of belonging,
I feel betrayed,
This cascade of falseness I must evade
As they have lost there souls and have become the soulless brigade
There just belonging to fill the gap! Never to upgrade
They just duplicate and have cultivated themselves into groups like punk, emo, indie, rap, all the other crap!
Never to see individuality

Can’t calculate how many soulless graves there are
Can’t translate or tolerate these bands that just sing about love
Can’t stand anything without substance or hip hop that imitates

They are Impersonating there own fate some even think there great and rate themselves very highly,
You see I m not having go and some of there creativity,, I do have to rate
I’m just elaborating because we need to formulate a state of mind,
We can’t hesitate

So stop emulating before it’s to late
Relate to your soul
Don’t manipulate
We must illustrate the wonder of us
Never to Replicate
All the Fakeness will drown us in the nothing lake
So brake away
become yourself
So let’s cause a outbreak

Lets climb over the mountains grazza magzines
Lets intake each others life lessons
Lets shake of shackles of are mind
Lets not become a blinded mankind,,, inclined towards destruction or stroll into world Dictatorship

Lets not get left behind

Take control of your soul

Copy Righted (CR) The Masked Poet

I know my grammer is crap but its free flow ,, my own meter(beats)
so could u tell me if its any good ,,I dont know if i should place in my poetry book,,, or if theres anyone who can make great dub beats then get in contact at themaskedpoet@live.co.uk and yes i do wear a mask and its not because my poetry is ****,,,, if you get to know me,,, you will find out
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