Alright Folks?

Just wandering what everyone thinks of these little Amps this guy is modding.

Is it worth it? What about getting pedals instead. Or do you guys think it's worth it?

Not buying one myself but was wondering whether I might recommend it to a friend of mine who's getting more serious about his guitar. He currently has a Cube 30 on my advice and now wants tube. He won't be gigging but will jam/practice.

Can't put link up 'coz 'puter being an arse at the moment - check out uk e-bay and search Rat amps. Check out his stuff and let me know what you think.

Greatly appreciated!
i was going to buy one of them, they look preety dam good he makes them espically for things like gigging or just room practise i proberly would have brought one if i didnt get a class deal on a cronerll romany plus, which one is your mate thinking of

thats the one i wanted
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I actually pointed him in the direction of one of the little combos - it had power scaling (which I think he must be doing on all his gear), a new eminence speaker, upgraded hardware, a load of stuff for about £300.

I reckon it's a good deal.

Anyone else?
they are worth it just tell him to get one because he will have to spend 600 + for a better praticse amp like a cornford or badcat practise amp