I'm saving for a new amp, will take some months but I wanna know what to go for.
My budget will be around $600, give or take. I use a Gibson SG Faded and I play mostly Metallica and Iron Maiden, but I play a lot of other stuff too so it should have a decent clean channel.

I don't want anything to big cause if I get a 100W amp I will use it on really low volume, and it won't sound too good.

So what amp do you think suits me?
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alright. im going to say it, yes try out a valveking.

dont listen to the bandwagon idiots, who say that theyre crap, cause most of them in fact probably havent even heard one/played through one.

theyre a solid amp and i love mine.

the speaker mods and whatever arent really all that necessary, they sound pretty nice stock.

good luck with your quest man.
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theyre a solid amp and i love mine.

Aren't they tubes? at least the 112 is

The mini seems a bit to small, I don't really want low volumes I just don't want a too big so I can't get a good tone from it without blowing my windows out, I checked out the valveking 112 and it seems to be a good amp.
i think he ment it was relible like solid not solid state lol

belive me a 5 watt cranked is loud proberly to loud for a bedroom so what do you think 50 will be like you will be using a valveking to barely any where near its potential if your just plying at home and not preety good size gigs but that mini collosial has a power sponge so u could get cranked sounds at lower volumes
Yeah it meant 'solid' as a superlative.

I hear excellent things about the Crate V50 amps - apparently far superior to Valvekings.
The Laney Thread are big and clever. No exceptions.
Oh, sorry my bad :P

Will I be able to get good metal sounds with the mini?

The Mesa F-30 is too expensive in Sweden costs over $1000
hmm id say should be ok but u would have 100 dollers left over for a distoration if u need one and it has an efeects loop