I wouldn't usually do this sort of thing, but I just think that this song is awesome as a whole, so I decided to cover it. There are no vocals, so excuse the repititiveness.

Leave a link and I shall crit your work too. Cheers (It's in my profile).
yeah, thats pretty sick. Nice cover! Almost couldn't tell it wasnt tenacious d
The name's Austin
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If that was Guitar Hero you would have got 100%.

Just one thing, at the bit before the power-chords go high, I could have sworn it only does the E power-chord, to G note, to open E note thing twice, not four times. But apart from that, great.
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Thanks everyone

And yeah, it does only do it twice in the original, but I like that part and though it needed to be longer.
Awesome quality cover. I have the backing track off of guitar hero if you wanna redo it.