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i have a little dilema, i got into singing about a year ago and i practice and do scales and all that shizz and im pretty confident about singing in tune , so ive recorded myself a couple of times and its all in tune and everything BUT it just sounds so weak and horrible. My mate who is a really goood singer is able to sing the same song, the same pitch and yet he sounds like he owns the world the delivery is so confident and clear.

So the question is have you any tips on sounding confident, in your face and well .... goood :P ?

i dont suffer from confidence issues, in fact im quite the opposite its just when it comes to my voice and singing i sound so weak

Thanks alot guys


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I'm gonna go ahead and give you the answer you're gonna hear a LOT. Practice practice practice!

Heh, never having had any formal lessons of my own, that's pretty much all the advice I can give.
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I suggest what the other guy suggested.

And i also suggest if you have problems with weakness try putting out a little more force and put a little more volume on your voice. You can lower down on the force near the end of the line your singing and put a little vibrato on it as a great finishing touch.
Have you ever tried just belting out your vocals just to see if you can do it? Some people naturally have a weak voice.
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are you using LOTS of air? air support is one of the most important things if you want a nice, full sound. sing and breathe from your diaphram
along with all the sage advice given so far, perhaps you have a weaker or softer edged voice and that's just what your voice is ... pete townshend talked about trying to sing like anyone else but himself for years before he came to the realization that his voice is never going to be like roger daltry's and that's all there is to it ... you can get more power in your voice but you may never have a voice with power (if that makes sense) ... use your diaphram ... practice ... tape yourself practicing and listen to yourself ... this was a very useful technique for me years ago ... playing acoustic and singing and listening back ... first you get used to hearing your voice (most people don't think they sound like they actually do) and that will let you find your true voice ... not everyone can belt out a song ... some people have to croon ... it's just the physical nature of everyone's vocal cords ...
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You'll find more advice in the Only Singing Thread. Ask in there please.

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