Before I continue, my apologies if brand promotion is unwelcome.

For those unaware of the concept, every year the folks at Dean Guitars produce a guitar model and a bass model that has been created solely by the members on the Dean Forum. The members choose the shape, color and hardware, which Dean manufactures and distributes to interested members (they usually range from $650-$800 if I remember right). 50 guitars are made, and 25 basses are made. It’s rare for a company to do such a thing for its followers (excluding those companies that actually specialize in customs), and the DOA concept has been a long-running tradition within the Dean family. It would be shame if the numbers weren’t met, so take a gander and see if you’re interested.

The problem the bassists are facing is gathering enough interest (hard to do due to the lack of low-enders on the forum) – so I thought I might as well see if those who may not be aware of this would be interested.

Ok, so the point the low-enders are at at the moment is deciding on the color - below is the purported specs and designs to choose from:


*Not too sure on the wood
Classic V body
Color Options: “Zilla” (Black-Green Quilt) or Transpurple Flame
Black hardware
Black binding
Abalone Block Inlays
Matching Standard V Headstock with abalone logo
V-neck profile
Ebony board
22 Frets
Passive EQ
2x Dean Metalman Pickups




(Photoshops by MetalMonkey on the Dean Forums)

I know the pictures don’t 100% match the specs but you get the idea

For those interested, follow the link below to the DOA Bass thread, then make an account on the forum. Express your interest in the DOA Bass thread and the members there will give you the low-down and answer any questions you may have. If you are even slightly interested in the above, put your name on the list, and which of the two designs you would prefer (design with the most votes will be the chosen color - there is no guarantee that the design you want is chosen). I think as it stands the ZILLA design is winning by 3.

DOA BASS THREAD <-- Click it (you can read through the thread if you want, otherwise just jump to the last page)

Cheers for your time guys! Sorry for the novel but conciseness is not a forte of mine.
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green looks better
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if i played just metal, i would probably buy one of these.

The green looks really nice, and it fit in well with the other 'metal basses'. However i think i would look outa place with one of those in my hands at the moment hehe

Nice though man, nice
The green is pretty awesome, but I thought the Dean basses weren't that nice to play? Otherwise I would pick myself up a Razorback Bass
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That green looks very nice and would make an amazing little brother to my green Spector. If there was a way I could try one out, I'd do it.
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The green would look better with gold hardware, as the purple does. In the end though, it looks better than the purple bass though, even though it has black hardware.

Looking at this bass reminds me that there is sadly a huge lack of good looking green basses on the market.

Would be nice if it had 24 frets to and more knobs for tone.
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wow well i actually favor the purple over the green. especially with the gold hardware...to bad they are doing only black. seems cool but i dont know deans bass reputation except for their low end guitar knock offs. cool but i agree i would want more info/to try on out if i were to make a decision.
prefer the purple one with the gold hardware

the greens a bit in the face!
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