...Did you get the channel switch delay problem sorted or just lived with it thinking that's how the amp is? Originally I thought it was a footswitch problem but thre's even a delay when you switch using the finger button. Am I within my rights to complain about this because it drives me nuts! If it's a small mod and easy to do I don't mind doing it but need to know how or where this 124 diode is!

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I don't have that problem with my 112...maybe I just got lucky?
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Actually i find that there is no delay when i switch my channels. Then again i might not be paying that much attention to it.
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Only the older amps have the issue... Peavey fixed the issue with the new amps... From what I read you just have to remove the C124 cap (22UF 50V 20% EL RAD) and it fix's the issue.