So, ive been a UG user for however long its been now and im kinda confused all of a sudden. As long as i can remember UG has called its self a "family site" or some horse**** like that. K. Then why is there a review that clearly says "F-uck the Facts"? I can't even type **** without it coming up as little stars but its ok for it to be on their main page. Sounds kinda ****ed up to me.


If you feel like i should put this in site feedback thread i will. I just thought it would get more attention here. (and im an attention *****.)
Yeah I was a bit surprised to see that too, but it doesn't really bother me. And some of the threads in the Pit are hardly family-friendly.
There's no such thing as a "family site" on the internet these days...everything relates back to p**n in some way or other.
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yeah, i dont mind much.
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they only way they can make it a family site is to star out the swear words
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Its a band name....

Wow true genius material there....

i obv know its a band name. Im just saying it kidna bugs me that you can't just type F-uck when its right there on the main page. Seems contradicting.

And does it really seem like the word bugs me? I say it more than most of you probably.
It doesn't matter. Even if you censor swear words here, it doesn't mean that little kids won't hear or see them elsewhere.
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Its a band name....

yes it is, but why sin't it censored, if you censor one letter we still get the idea, i'm not offended or anything, i just find it kinda weird
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why does censorship exist on the pit anyway? I mean it's the ****ing pit!

We have some of the worst foul creatures known to exist on the pit, and we loce them here :O
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