ok so i've been teaching this guy guitar weekly for a few months, i taught him some simple songs he liked and some open chords and note names and bar chords etc and ive showed him the pentatonic minor shape. He can remember it fine and can run up and down it at a reasonable speed. The thing is i don't know how to teach him to use it.
Should I teach him basic licks and things to do with it, I've tried playing chords and him playing over the top but he just plays the scale up and down. When my guitar teacher first taught me this it came pretty naturally to me so I don't know how to help someone to learn it?

Any ideas?

Learn a ACDC song have him play leads over your rythem. Obviously make it an easier one. Theres some really slow ones i cant remeber what would be a good one right now. Or you could get him tapping his foot with you and you strum a nice 4/4time 12 bar blues progression. Show him where the scale box shape fits in key. Then tell him to relax and just play along feeling free to **** up. Tell him everymistake he makes hes learned a lick that doesnt sound good and he can just try again. His problem is probably hes afraid to let loose. Make him feel relaxed and comfortable enough to sound bad and he will probably start catching on.
Get him to learn a few basic licks that he likes, and tell him to improvise on them, use the same notes with different phrasing to start off, then make up his own stuff. This will give him something to work with, after he can jam over one chord, teach him basic harmony and how to "follow" chords. Unless the student likes the pentatonic a lot, I wouldn't stay too long on it. I believe that learning the diatonic scales first is more beneficial, but to each his own.