from specs and stuff, these models are almost identical, yet the eclipse is almost twice the price. i live in shanghai, so there getting my hands on either one is very difficult, hence i have to order online. my question is 'is the eclipse really worth the extra cash? or for an intermediate player who doesn't want to buy another guitar, hopefully ever, is the ec1000 good enough? (i loooove metal so i definetly know esp is the way to go)
get the ec1000, for double the price all you are doing is changing the logo from saying "Ltd" to "Esp"
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The EC1000 is an LTD whereas the Eclipse II is an actual ESP, I'm assuming that the level of craftsmanship and build quality will be incomparable. Whether the ESP is worth th extra cash: Play the damn thing, I don't care how difficult it is but if you're going to be dropping that much on a new guitar you HAVE to play it first.
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hmmm.. i dont know when my next trip stateside is, but other than just the name are there any real differences in, say, neck thickness or something of that sort that clearly defines one from the other?
well if I'm not mistaken, the EC-1000 has 24 frets while the Eclipse II has 22.

However, the Eclipse will have a much higher build quality.
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ok, thanks guys, i just wanted to get some initial impressions of whether or not it was worth the extra 700. final question, is the ec1000 good enough to last me even through to advanced playing? (if that makes sense)
Definately, all of the deluxe series ltds are of very high quality, and many big bands use them instead of esp's. To be perfectly honest with you, I've played both versions of one of the m series guitars and don't think the quality difference is worth the price difference by a long shot.
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