just a quick question...what is better?

ibanez s470 or Cort EVL X4.

Cort EVL X4
Cort EVL-X4 E-Guitar,
EVL Series
solid Mahogany Body
Bolt on Maple Neck
Rosewood Fretboard
24 Frets
2 EMG HZ Humbucker and 1 S3 Pickups
5 way Switch
Floyd Rose Double Locking III Tremolo
Color Black Satin

Ibanez S470

mahogany body
22x jumbo frets
ZR tremolo
1x INF1 humbucker bridge
1x INFS1 single coil (middle) and 1x INF2 humbucker (neck) pickups

i play a lot of rock / light metal solos
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Specs? Prices? Style of music?

Until you give us some more info, I'm gonna say Ibanez. Because its an Ibanez.
The Ibanez trem is superior, but I'm gonna have to say the Cort. The better pickups and 24 frets just give it an edge over the Ibby.
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Corts are great guitar, and their necks are superb. I even think they are better than ibanez necks. The only thing the Ibby has better is the ZR trem, but if you swap out the LFR in the Cort for an orginal, you've eliminated its only disadvantage. Get the Cort
Go for the Ibanez S470, i had one and it was amazing! might get another one
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I agree that the Ibanez has a better trem, but 22 frets could be a problem... I'm a 100% Ibanez girl, but with these particular models I'm gonna say the Cort's probably better for your uses.
get the cort, there guitars are seriously under rated

its more versatile too the full specs:

EVL-X4 Black Satin
BODY Mahogany
NECK Maple, Modern
NECK WIDTH 1F : 43mm / 24F : 56mm
NECK THICKNESS 1F : 19mm / 12F : 21mm
Rosewood, 15 3/4" Radius(400mm)
22 / Jumbo (2.9mm)
EVL Pentagon Circles
Die cast
SCALE 25 1/2" (648mm)
NUT Locking Nut w/ Retainer Bar
BRIDGE Double locking-III
CONTROL 1vol, 1tone (w/ push pull), 5way lever
Position1 : Neck
Position2 : Neck & Middle
Position3 : Middle
Position4 : Middle & Bridge
Position5 : Bridge
Coil Tap Pull Up
Position1 : Rear Coil of Neck
Position2 : Rear Coil of Neck & Middle
Position3 : Middle
Position4 : Middle & Front Coil of Bridge
Position5 : Front Coil of Bridge
HARDWARE BKS (Black Satin)
UNIQUE FEATURE EVL Metal Truss Rod Cover
Knobs w/O-rings
STRING (046-010)
COLOR BKS (Black Satin)
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As an observation - I read that the Ibanez S470 is made in Korea by Cort (they produce a lot of big manufacturers guitars), so they should be of comparable general quality.

Basically your options are a Cort, or a Cort :-)

Cheers, Mark.
I like my Ibanez S470.
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Cort all the way, i have the EVL-Z4 (one without trem) and it is great.