A pretty groovy death metal instrumental I made...It might get a bit boring, or it might not. Depending on the response I might add vocals to it, but since I myself suck at doing vocals, I guess I'd have to ask someone else to do them for me.
The song can be found on my profile with the name "Solipsism".
Comments are appreciated, crit for crit applies.
EDIT: I re-recorded the song.
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Very nice, I really like it, nice groove to it, adding a solo and/or vocals would help to spice it up a lot, quality isn't great, but that's not really much of a problem. Solid rhythm playing, could do with a little more textures to it, If you really want help with vocals and solo, lemme know, I'll try help you out if you like.

Favorite bits were the drums at 0:07 and the riff at 1:10, nice job

EDIT: Forgot to mention, nice to see some more death metal composers around hehe
death metal isn't really my thing and i somehoow couldn't fit death metal and groovy together, but after hearing this I'm proven wrong, i like it it's got a good rythme and sound to it, the drums are best at the begining, and the riff is cool, one negative thing, i think you should have the song change later because it's a bit repetitive, and you should definitly add vocals.

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The song sounds good, some of the riffs are a bit weird, not exactly what I would have done with them but it sounds good. The drums are really good, much better than I could've written, they fit well. It does get a bit repetitive, but who gives a ****, the riffs are cool.

Solid 8/10
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The whole thing sounds pretty sick. I like the riffs, they fit together really well. And I love them drums, they add a nice touch to the song. The drums were very well written in my opinion. Definitely add some screaming in here, it will add wonders to your song.

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i have never before heard the word "groovy" to describe death metal. are you by any chance, black?