Hello I've got a nice 80s fender strat with HSS config (with coil tap on bridge hum) and a kahler locking trem and nut (kind of resembles a floyd rose)

I want to replace the bridge pickup with something more edgy for modern hard rock and metal. (drop tunings aswell)

I was looking at the seymour duncan sh-4 jb but ofcourse i am open to other suggestions.

my main question is, is there anything special i need to do when replacing the pickup so that the coil tap still works?


oh and i have a peavey classic 30 if that makes a difference in what pickups i should consider
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You have to solder it exactly like the old one was and the coil split will still work.
The sh-4 might sound a bit to thin and trebly in a strat, especially when you'll play detuned metal. Take the sh-6(distortion) for straight metal sound or the sh-5(custom) if you want something in between the both...