Yeah, I'm sure this has been posted a lot so sorry for the repetitiveness. I've always played an acoustic but lately I've been getting the urge to get an electric...so I need help with picking a reasonably priced, good first electric guitar. I want something that will be easy to make the transition from acoustic that I can just rock out with on my own or possibly jam with some people. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks!
how much are you looking to spend

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1. What kind of music do you play? 2. What is your budget?
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try a fender stratocaster, its a reasonable price guitar and its a guitar with a clean sound, later you can buy an epiphone or something, how much money do u want to spend?
Budget? Genre of playing?

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if you are willing to spen about 500 dollars i would go with an epiphone les paul standerd but if youre looking at spending closer to 150 or 200 get an epi sg speacial if you play hard rock or metal but if you play cleaner music go with a squire strat i have both but don't play them much now i play a nice jackson the sg is good for the $ i thout the squire sucked
I think I want to spend around $500 and I'm looking to play mainly hard rock but would like something with some versatility that lends itself to more than one musical style.
I would suggest an epiphone les paul standard then.
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What amp do you have?
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it costs 600 bucks, but i would recomend a PRS SE Custom

it looks really bad ass, and the fret board feels like butter
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I think I want to spend around $500 and I'm looking to play mainly hard rock but would like something with some versatility that lends itself to more than one musical style.

Do you have an amp? Would that 500 be for the guitar only or both?
I was thinking 500 just for the guitar...no I do not own an amp but obviously need to get that as well- what is the price range for that? (Thanks for all the suggestions from everyone by the way =) )
if you're willing to spend $500 on the guitar, you should probably spend something similar on the amp.

however, if you're after versatility, and considering you're only starting out on elextric, you could do a lot worse than a roland microcube or cube 30 (avoid the 15 and 20 as they don't have amp models), or vox valvetronix. I think they're between $100-$300, depending on model.

a yamaha pacifica 112v is a really nice starter guitar, and very versatile. It's $200. That'd allow you to spend more on your amp; however, if you want to spend more on the guitar, i'd probably get a higher model pacifica, a 412 or 612. godins can be quite nice too, if they're under your budget.

basically, you need to decide what your total budget is (i.e. for both guitar and amp, and any other accessories), how flexible that is (if, for example, there's something which is much better for an extra $50, are you willing to stretch to it?), and then start trying cheaper guitars with more expensive amps, more expensive guitars with cheaper amps, and both at the same price (total budget divided by 2), to see which you prefer.
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I would suggest an epiphone les paul standard with a pickup change then.

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Thanks everyone...I think I have some hands-on testing to do with all the suggested guitars and amps...=)