I have a 100w peavey windsor all tube half stack... I live in an appt (doh). I want some more gain out of it at low levels. I know a tube screamer would do this. Would a fuzz have a similar effect just with the fuzz's own signature sound? is the fuzz a gain/overdrive type pedal or merely an effect more like chorus or flanger? Also who likes what Fuzz?

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Well, a fuzz is like a specific kind of distortion pedal. I like fuzz and a lot of bands use it to different effects. Look for samples of different fuzz pedals and see if you like it.
the fulltone ultimate octave has a sweet fuzz in it (and of course a octave), it like a queens of the stone age type fuzz/distortion really good tone

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In general, while most fuzzes at their lowest settings have an OD quality to them, that quality is very limited. Your best bet is to use an overdrive for what you want.
Ya, all helpful. I do definitely want a fuzz, my question is more if I'll need an OD as well. Im not looking for crazy heavy distortion, and my amp comes pretty close to what I want (would be perfect if I could play it at the volume it wants me to.) So it sounds like I'd probably be ok with a nice fuzz. Anyone else know anything about the fulltone, or any similar models. I was looking at an octavio as well so its sweet they're bundled. Is the quality of the octavio/fuzz lesser because its a combo?
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The lovetone big cheese has a good reputation but i dont know anything about it other than the soundclip in its website sounds bad to me. Fuzz factory is a versatile crazy one. There's a cusack overdrive/fuzz pedal, it sort of works as both, that might be perfect for you. I dont think its that expensive either and seems to get good reviews. Other ones are the common fuzz face and stuff like that. I'd look at the Cusack fuzz first though, as you can use it as both and od and a fuzz (or so it seems to me at least).