at the moment i have a kustom high voltage 65 watt amp. its a decent amp but its just too loud for me , as i dont gig or play in a band. so ideally id like a nice tube amp with enough power to allow me to play in a band if the opertunity arises but one which is not too loud to be cranked at home for that over driven tube sound.
im planning on selling the kustom so how much do u guys rekon i could get for it ( with foot pedal)? bare in mind its never been gigged or played above like 3 on the volume. its also in very good condition with no damage.

the music i play is mainly pink floyd, blues influenced but with some lighter led zepplin. i only very very rarely play heavy metal like killswitch engage.
i currently have a vintage av1 but am also considering buying a strat..
budget wise up to £350.00
you wont get band volumes and in house crankage in the same amp without an attenuator

sounds like you would like a Laney VC15/30 or a sound city combo
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
the VCs are pretty solid for everything up to hard rock, then an OD for the occaisional metal outburst

there are at least 10 real happy VC owners in the laney thread
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
The new Sound City combos are pretty nasty IMO. VCs are brilliant though.
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That's it :|
Get the amp first, and guitar second.

As a Tiny Terror owner, I'd suggest it, but I don't know if you could get one for less than £350. I'm the same situation, no band but could get into one, and I play everything up to Mastodon. When I was looking for a new amp, I was very tempted by the Blackheart Little Devil or whatever it's called. Should suit you fine.
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