Is it weird that I met my girlfriends ex and became best friends with him
Is it weird that there's another SlashVR who only joined a month before me!??
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it would be even wierder if your girlfriends ex was slashvr....

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No and no. Considering that she probably dates certain types of people, you two probably have similar interests and whatnot.
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Is it weird?

Yeah. You should probably see a doctor about it actually.
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Confused? Good.

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no, yes and maybe


1. After seeing a vast amount of Frasier episodes I can conclude your new best friend is an imaginary character created by a combination of your jealous mind and your big ego. Your jealous mind crafted a perfect boyfriend kind of guy for you to get jealous at, but because of your ego you started seeing him as an equal thus becoming friends with him.

2. No. Slash/VR fanboys are available in carton packages containing a dozen each here.

So, yes and no.