When all you shredders say you "learn" a song, do you mean you learn to play each of the parts, or do you actually learn to play the song all the way through. I've just recently started learning songs, and I play them with the actual music to help timing, etc. However, I never play songs the whole way through by myself. Mostly because of boring verse progressions, lack of 2nd guitar, and lack of all other necessary accompaniment. Most of the songs I have learned I could sit down and play with accompaniment with no problem, but I still feel I'm missing out by not playing the whole way through by myself...

How do you make songs more interesting and fun to play unaccompanied, and/or what songs are good for this? (Besides campfire folk songs, which are the only songs I've found so far that are easily played with one guitar.)
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Unless its electronic drums.

when i learn songs w/ two guitars, i learn both guitar parts, and switch between the two midway song.

or i usually find chords that include both the guitars harmonies

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will i play with the music playing, and yes i play all the way through, just try learning all the guitar parts and maybe add stuff for fun, like a solo improvise.

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i play quite a few songs but some songs i canned be bothered to learn the solo or something so just improvise over it.
look for songs that only have 1 main guitar. something like tears go by, wonderwall,
I'm no shredder by any means but I never say "I can play a song" unless I can play it all the way through.

I basically do what everyone else said....I switch between rhythm and lead
So far the songs I've learned havent been that clear. Neither the rhythm nor the lead is really distinguishable by itself. O well, onward and upward. Rarely in guitar are there really answers, I don't know why I still ask questions. I have found the best idea is wait six months, usually you'll have figured it out by then. Thanks anyway though.
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Unless its electronic drums.

Play with an iPod/cd player/stereo. You can listen to the drums and singing and everything and play along with the song. It's more interesting than just hearing yourself play.

Edit: after reading it a 3rd time i figured out that's exactly what you DON'T want to do. Sorry I'm not good at understanding things.
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OZZY and PANTERA are good for playing 1 guitar all the way through. Challenging and not boring. Or if im playing metallica or megadeth i play the rythem then do the solos (if i bothered to learn it) and then switch back to rythem. I definatly hear you on this one I want a loop pedal badly. Playing to gp is fine but you cant play loud enough playing to computer speakers.
Ya Im buying a Boss RC-2 Looping Pedal soon, unless anyone knows anything I don't...?
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Unless its electronic drums.

I was comparing that one to the jamman of around the same price. I cant make up my mind its 50/50 with what people tell me. The jamman has more time though so I kind of want that one. I definatly want one soon but i just got EMGs to restore this badass late 70s yamaha with so i cant spend any more money on guitar stuff now.
The jamman is like $50 more, and I think its just more features... probably not ones I'd use. I've talked to a few ppl who said the RC-2 is just what you need to loop a simple riff and jam with it. I'm not looking for anything more than that.
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Unless its electronic drums.