My no-name neck and mid PUPs sound too harsh and brittle so I want to replace them with 2 dimarzio Area 61/67 noiseless singlecoils and I want to replace the pots too. The tone I'm looking for is warm/woody tone from the mid/neck and beefy/punchy tone from the humbucker. Basically I'm looking for versatility with my sound.

Currently I have one volume 500k pot and I think a 500k tone pot and I think that's also contributing to the tinnyness. To remedy my situation, I bought a 250k/500k stacked pot and I want your opinion on which should be better:
1) Use the stack for volume control, with 500k for the bucker and 250k for the singlecoils, including the tapped bucker single. Leave the master 500k tone pot for everything.
2) Leave the 500k as master volume, and install the stack as tone control with 500k for the bucker and 250k for the singles.
3) Your idea
Thanks a lot in advance.
having separate volume controls on a 3 pickup guitar will be a wiring nightmare. good luck.
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I've done some research and having 2 volume knobs will be impossible without some compromises that I don't want to take. I've seen some sites with people mentioning Anderson's vintage voicing circuit, where the single coils see 250k loads and the humbucker sees 500k for optimal tone. Does anyone have a circuit diagram for that? Thanks.