So I'm saving up to get an orange AD30HTC because I love the tone of these things. Unfortunately the orange cabinets are insanely expensive so I was considering these 3 options:

A) Building a 4x12 cabinet.

Does anyone have experience with this in terms of how it would sound compared to an actual orange cab?

B) Hook the head up to the speaker of my MG30DFX and continue to save for the orange cab.

Is this even possible?

C) Suck it up and save the extra $1000 for the orange cab and buy both together.

Not the most fun option but probably the most practical.

Opinions please.
buy the head now, sell the MG and try to find a cheap used cab while you save longer. Once you get more cash, sell off the cheap cab, and buy the orange.
Do that or go with option C, unless you know how to build a nice cab, then that would be pretty cool.
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Actually that makes sense, I could probably get 200 for the MG and get a used cab for slightly more... Another good idea. Still a custom cab would be really cool, I'm just curious what has to be done to it aside from wiring the speakers in the box with an input for the amp because I'm sure I could do it if that's all it takes.
sell the mg, buy a used cab and re-tolex it in orange so it matches the head

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As far as cabs go is one brand better than another? I know a lot use celestion speakers so should I just look for one with those?
Building a cab couldn't be all that difficult to do, unless you'd be building from scratch...then tolexing it could get kind complicated IMO.
If your wanting to build a cab, my advice is to look on ebay/craigslist for an empty cab and use that to start.
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Life is too short to worry about this crap.


get an Avatar 4x12. They're like 500 plus shipping, and you get to choose the speakers and the cosmetics of it. Basically an Avatar with Orange Tolex and Celestion Vintage 30s would be the same thing (specs wise).
can you leave a link to wherever it is you can do that RG_Fanman? I wouldn't mind looking into that
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Life is too short to worry about this crap.


Checked the avatar website and to get one in Canada I'd be paying around 500+ for the 2x12 cab (4x12 doesn't come in orange). So how hard would it be to re-tolex one?
why not just get a 2x12?
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Get an avatar 4x12 with G12h greenbacks in orange.

A 30 watt amp through a 30 watt speaker is just begging for the speaker to be blown out. Do not go cheap on the speakers, the cabinet is as important to good tone as the amp itself.
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