I'm going to swap the speaker out in my valveking but don't really know where to start looking. Could you guys link me to some before and after sound clips of some popular speaker swaps? I play mainly metallica/megadeth if thats any help.

Thought about swapping my tubes but then found i had jj 12ax7s in the pre and rubys in the power section which apparently are quite good.
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For metallica and megadeth I'd say go with a Celestion Vintage 30... seeing that Metallica and Megadeth (as well as the majority of today's metal bands) use the Vintage 30s.
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Also, read thru The Only Valveking tread a few pages back if you have not already, and IbanezPsycho created a user group you can join and ask questions too. See my Sig.


There are clips of people with stock speakers and clips of people with modded setups in the thread and in the group so you should be able to find a good comparison there..