which guitar should i get, i need an acoustic... i really dont want to spend the extra 150 for the epiphone hummingbird... so is the AJ-1 any good? if not ill end up goin for the hummingbird but im not really in the posisition right now to spend alot of money... cuz i just got an Epi LP. Any other good cheap acoustics are welcome. my budget is generally 100-150
with that budget you cant expect too much .. u should shell out the extra 150 .. so u dont regret it later .. in the 300 dollar range you have much better options such as
epiphone hummingbird or dove
yamaha fg700s or fg730s
takamine gs330s or gs340

but if not .. epiphone aj200 is pretty good for only 200 .. it has a solid top .. the fg700s is also 200 .. good luck
take it easy man .. its just a thread
Just save up for an epiphone masterbuilt! Just a couple more dollars and you'll have a very nice sounding guitar. It was either the hummingbird or the masterbuilt in my situation, but im sure glad i choose the masterbuilt.