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So Pit, do you take hot or cold showers?

I take hot showers. If I don't come out of the shower red then there's something wrong.

Searchbar came up with nothing.

EDIT: Poll added.
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Warm shower.


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hot all the way... and this needs a poll.
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Quote by Mazzakazza
Depends if it's a hot day or not. If it's hot, icy-cold showers. If it's cold, boiling hot.

Always scorching hot, burn off the dirt. (and the skin >.<
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Quote by Mazzakazza
Depends if it's a hot day or not. If it's hot, icy-cold showers. If it's cold, boiling hot.

Yup, me too.

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cold ftw
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Start with a hot shower, it opens the pores and lets you clean your skin much more thoroughly. Then finish with a cold shower to close them up.
depends if I have hot water or if the heating decides to piss around, then its cold
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I enjoy hot showers during the summer or winter. i only take cold showers if i really need to.
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depends on what i just did. if i juist got hot doing physical activity and got sweaty, then i want it ice-cold, if i want to wake up, ice-cold; but if its just a regular shower like in the evening before i go to sleep then i want a warm shower
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Depends. Warm's usually better to start and cold just before I get out. But in this horrid humid weather it's cold all the way.

NEVER hot.
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I like to start off with the shower warm/hot then before I get out, I shove it down to icy-cold for a few minutes.

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If it's pretty cold I'll have a really hot shower. If it's not that hot I'll have a warm one and on hot days (like this summer) most of my showers I don't even turn the hot water on at all.
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I've never actually tried a cold shower..
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Depends. Ussually I start it out hot then gradually make it colder til' it's cold.

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When I have a bath, i always have them way too hot. Once when i got out I fainted and smacked my hip off the door handle when i collapsed. I still have the scar today
Usually warm but sometimes cold just because it's more refreshing
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Quote by Mazzakazza
Depends if it's a hot day or not. If it's hot, icy-cold showers. If it's cold, boiling hot.

Well, warm as opposed to boiling

but +1
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depends, after cutting the grass, the last thing i want is more heat
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warm showers for me
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I always turn it as hot as I can, and then wash.

And then I turn it as cold as I can stand it.

And then just stand there.

It feels good.
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Depends how I feel, but usually a hot shower.
I can't be arsed reading the thread, though, so I'll have to just wonder if anyone asked where the option for 'golden' was...
No matter what, if its in my control I will always take a hot shower... even if i'm hot to beging with. i just cant stand cold showers.
Cold. Like the grim frostbitten lands of the Scandinavia.
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I like my showers icy hot.

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My showers are relatively cool.
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Start with a hot shower, it opens the pores and lets you clean your skin much more thoroughly. Then finish with a cold shower to close them up.

Same here.
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warm/hot showers FTW!

except when its really hot outside, then cold showers

so depends i guess

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