Hey peeps.

This is kind of a song / compilation of riffs that I usually mess around with. I haven't really wrote any songs before, so this is like the first one that I actually kind of like so far.

Just tell me what you like/don't like and give constructive criticism.

Unfinished by the way. C4C
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Hmm. It sounds nice to me. The only thing I recommend is to look at the solo at the 5th? bar. The little lick that goes downward. It sounds dissonant in some places to the point where it sounds out of place. I would also recommend if you are making this into an actual song to find yourself at least an intro lick, verse, maybe a lead in, chorus, maybe a filler, verse lick with some little variation, chorus, bridge, solo, chorus maybe 2-3x, then an outro. An outro solo with some insane shredding licks would sound cool. I've made maybe 15 different songs in Guitar Pro with some that are unfinished while others are. I'd like to share them with you to see what you think.
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Yeah I kind of agree that the downward lick thing is not really great at all. Definitely something to get rid of. Also, yes I do need to actually structure my songs somewhat
OMG last bar repeated 99 times lol

It sounds pretty good all except that downward riff thing at bars 5-8
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