Alright. I have, after much delay, finished my third philosophy blog.

Some may be aware, but I'm sure most of you are wondering what I'm on about. Well, basically, I love philosophy. I love the subject, so, I've written up philosophy lessons to try and draw people up in the subject. My first three blogs cover the theory of knowledge and I'm planning on taking requests from this point onwards (I really wanna do one on nihilism currently).

For those who aren't aware, check them out (in order or you will be confused). Tell me what you think (I'm iffy on the one I've finished writing currently).

If you have checked them out and weren't interested in them, tell me what you would be interested in. Morality, politics? I dunno, but let me know.

I really wanna get more people interested in this. If you like them, post a comment as you'll get PM'd when the next one comes out.