Well first off, howdy everyone.

Now, I'm looking for some suggestions for a pickup. I have a Squire Bullet Strat, the one with a single humbucker and I dont like the stock pickups. I want something thats really bluesy. I had looked at those GFS (or whatever they're called) Vintage '59 pickups and those seem kind of nice.

Now I play it through a Epiphone Valve Junior combo amp that has been moddified with a Weber 8F100 Speaker, Hammond DSE125 OT, Pent/Tri mod, Gain switch, Bright Switch, Master Volume, as well as some resistor swapping, a Tung-Sol 12Ax7 and a JJ EL84. And I only run a moddified Dunlop Original Crybaby with Livewire cables.

So what is a pickup that would go into my rig that would give me a nice bluesy tone?