ok UG i have decided im over hauling my complete rig. i sold my 5150 slant cabinet yesterday for 440 then selling my 1990 MIJ ibanez rg770dxlb for 600 then my metal zone for 80 then my peavey supreme head for 550 and i also have 200 saved up. so i should have roughly $1870!
so with $1870 that has to buy me my guitar, my amp and maybe a pedal or 2 if needed. so here is what i was thinking.
i play fusion(allen hinds,frank gambale,GUTHRIE GOVAN!,greg howe) and getting into shred (guthrie govan,richie kotzen,vai,satch PETRUCCI) and i need a amp with inredible , i mean INCREDIBLE cleans and a awesome overdrive!.
ive been looking into..the carvin V3, the fender deville,deluxe. and i can't really find the "right" amp...could you help me?
also i think i found the guitar i want. its the Godin Freeway SA it has synth access. H>S>H configuration 22 frets scalped right horn for higher frets. im not sure if theres a coil tap.
so could you guys help me out?
for amp, i would say some kind of highend Fender.
Maybe a Princeton Delux Reissue? and a OD pedal for some decent overdrive.
i played the Princeton and got amazing cleans (given) and thern i ran a Maxon OD (not sure what kind) and actually good some good results.

not sure on that guitar.
never played it.
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A used Mesa F series would do good I think. Never played the guitar though.
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don't know why you're selling the guitar, but maybe a Mesa Mark IV and some 2x12 for a cab?
heres the problem, the 1870 has to go on a guitar and amp.

and i found the mesa f series more of a rythem then a lead i need both.
where am i going to find a mark IV there discontinued lol i dont buy stuff off ebay either got scammed once badly