Hello all, As the title states I'm wishing to build a footswitch for my Vox AD50VT. I've been looking around but Ive only found a diagram for one with 3 extra LED's that I don't need. All I want is the bare minimum. Here is a link to the one with LED's : http://acapella.harmony-central.com/forums/showthread.php?p=23780658 and here is the one that I made. I have very little knowledge of wiring. Will this work?
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leds aren't even close to expensive why not just follow a diagram that you know will work.
Use the one on HC. Very simple build. You dont need the 3PDT switches either. Just eliminate the line of 3 unused lugs and use a DPDT. Thats cheap.
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alright thanks very much I just didn't want the LED's for the faact that they would serve any purpose for my vox.
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What you have right now won't do a thing. The switches aren't wired up correctly. Don't know much about footswitches, but I know the switches aren't wired correctly.
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