Poll: EMGs 81/85 or Seymor Duncans Blackout
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EMGs 81/85
2 40%
Seymor Duncan blackouts
3 60%
Voters: 5.
I been trying to dicide what kind of pickups i want to get for my guitar. I love metal but i want the optins of having chord progression that sound clear. So i'm stuck on EMGs 81/85s and Seymor Duncan Blackout can you guys help what is your opinoin on them.
I hear EMG active pick ups are really good.
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blackouts are. and EMGs are great for lead, but if u want clear chord proggressions, they suck. go blackouts.
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Try them both in guitars, and decide for yourself, because the quest for good tone is so personal.

I'm a lover of EMGs. I like the EMG 81 and 60 as a set in mahogany - they complement each other better than an 81 & 85, in my opinion - but I prefer the EMG 85 as a bridge pickup in brighter/not so bassy woods. I've not actually tried the Blackouts though, so I could pick-up a guitar tomorrow with them, and totally fall in love.