Hey, I wanted to make a contest on people playing BB songs wither in a band or by themselves. Would be better if in a band though..

Post here if you want to play and post the song you with play. Or if you would like to judge.

- Me; CrazyTy (Blow Me Away)
- Bloodoath (Evil Angel)
- Maddy! (Polyamorous)
- akack (So Cold)
- Metalfan757 (Firefly)

No more contestants please! More Judges!

The ability to tell everyoine that you won a contest as the best band/guitarist playing a BB song :P

Since there are no people judging I guess i will. I wont go easy on myself though dont worry! :P]

I'm currently getting my band to learn Blow Me Away.

All contestants are in! No more will be accpeted. Sorry! If you still want to participate be a judge! Deadline August 20th! Get your covers in!
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sounds cool. really does. i just have no time to do it though. i would probaly do polyamorous if i did
I'm so in. I'll do Evil Angel. I'll probably change most of the singing to screaming. so.. as long as you don't mind that.
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