I have a 200(5, i think?) Standard Fender Telecaster.. the MIM ones. i use those cheap d'addario .046-.010 gauge strings. No mods to the guitar.

Anyway my issue is i get this buzz from hitting the A string hard... occasionally the D string too, so maybe somewhere between low A-D. its not that typical string noise from the low strings, but some vibration that sounds like its coming from the bridge, and i think the saddles. I play with my action pretty high, higher than most guitarists i know. I'm thinking it has something to do with this. I hear it acoustically, but i can't use my amp for a month or so.

It's not a huge deal, but i'm curious if there's something wrong with my saddles, or if the MIM just has some ****ty parts that are worth replacing. Thanks in advance

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have you seen what way the neck "bends"?

it should have a slight bend to it... best way to get it fixed is taking it to a guitarshop.. they will do it fast and most likely free of charge..