I just recently began playing the guitar again and im really enjoying myself. I currently borrowing my buddies fender tele plus but its just a temporary guitar until i can get my own. I really like the sound of strats and i cant find a accurate price for a standard strat nothing special. So my question is how much are strats on average?
It depends on where you live. I live in Turkey so they are not cheap like around 1700$ but look at musicians friend for the standard price.
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look for a mij fender strat quality is just as good if not better.... and for a hell of alot cheaper....
haha keep the tele they are aweeeeeeeeeeesome
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well see i dont really know whats the difference between american and mexican made strats?
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well see i dont really know whats the difference between american and mexican made strats?

American is more expensive, but better quality. Mexicans are cheaper, but don't have the quality of an American made strat.
If you're just beginning (or getting back into it), I wouldn't bother with an American Strat yet unless you've got money to burn. You're looking in the $800-900+ range new in most cases for a basic American Strat, whereas a Mexican Strat, which you probably won't be able to tell the difference between as a beginner, will be hundreds less.

And honestly, whenever someone who's just starting asks me what I think they should get as a beginner-type guitar, I always steer them towards the Fender Strat Pack. It includes everything you'll need for a while and you can always upgrade later, but if you fall out of practice or decide it's not your thing, you only spent about $350 for everything, not $400-500+ on just a guitar (Mexican Strat).


Check that out to see what I'm talking about. Kickass deal if you ask me.