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Headin to University in the Fall and I need to choose a laptop pretty quick here. I know a Mac would be good for artsy stuff but i need something that can game too. anyone else in a similar dilema...
not a laptop, but a cheap laptop for word and carrying files and then buy a real pc to game
What price range are we looking in here?

And Asus ftw
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Do you want a 14, 15 or a 17 inch? I use my 14 for school and I love it. I can play Oblivion and CoD4 with really nice graphics. Resolution is 1280x800 with a dedicated video card. It's about 1200, you need to buy an extra gig of ram(included in 1200). Comes with a shoulder strap case, mouse, 2 cleaning cloths, and 2 year limited warranty. 1 year of accidental is included also! This thing is lightning fast, I don't regret getting it at all. Asus F8Sa-x2 14 inch. For 15 the Asus F8Sa, same tech specs. If you want insane gaming, a 17 inch I know can play crysis on max settings. Gateway FX series, you can get it at best buy. Also about 1300. Check www.newegg.com they are VERY reliable.
No: Acer, HP, or Dell
Yes: Mac
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dells are cheaper
macbooks are about £600.
if you want a cheap one look at asus, they have some with word processing and wi-fi for about £200. it runs on linux if thats a problem

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Get an HP. You'll probly need special software for your major and Macs probly won't be compatible.
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But really, MAC ftw. For school MAC is the best, dual boot vista and game.. You need a pro to game, you're looking at 3000 though.
Though I'm sort of against the computers, I suggest you should eventually buy a Mac in your lifetime. You'll either like it or not (my brother got one for college, he said it was a great computer, but he won't really spend more money to get another one.)

Anyways, they will last you all four years without needing much maintenance on them and such
(MAKE SURE you have proof that you are a student so you can get a great discount)
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Get a HP cheap and they last, but no to laptop gaming.

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Seriously dude follow my advice..

I bought a Dell Inspiron 1525

its cheap, 180 gigs, vista, a good ram speed, centrino, 2mp webcam [nice]...

Dell has international warranty 1 yr or local warranty 3 yrs!!!
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But really, MAC ftw. For school MAC is the best, dual boot vista and game.. You need a pro to game, you're looking at 3000 though.

A lot cheaper and much better for gaming.
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iv never had a problem with a single piece of hardware i got in a dell computer. i always buy dell. very good support too.
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ASUS all the way man.
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not a laptop, but a cheap laptop for word and carrying files and then buy a real pc to game

This. If you want a school laptop to take to lectures and library, get some dinky thing with a 12 or 14 inch screen. If you want a gaming computer buy (or build!) a pc that will cost a third as much as a laptop with the same stats. Trying to get one computer that does both well is not a very good option IMO. And you get just buy both comps for less then the price of a single laptop that is good enough to really game on.

I built my first desktop last fall without really any computer nerd know-how, and it was super easy. I will never waste money on buying a fancy comp again.
EDIT: ^ Also YES for the love of god get something small and light. ^

ASUS is generally the best for the cheapest amount of money. Lenovo makes some fairly good notebooks as well. VAIOs are good, but, like macs, you pay more for the same pc. Macs are great computers, however you can get a similar pc for much less money (without the OS, of course).

Do NOT get a mac unless:
-you're rich enough to justify spending a lot more money for the same notebook
-you don't care about gaming (unless you get a pro)
mac, best OS out there, and you get a free ipod and a discount if your a student.
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