ok, so i had to write a response to a book i read over the summer (for college.) anyways, after much thought, this song formed. i'd like comments on the writing, mixing, recording, and general feel of the song.

listen to Give of Yourself at www.myspace.com/ctothejtother
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wow, that sounds really good, great quality, however I do find the vocals at the beginning of the song strange, is it a quality defect? Maybe I'm worng, if you want it that way, anyway it sounds awesome keep it up!!

i know you already crited mine but could you check out my 2 other songs, i addded piano so it's different:

I thought it was pretty good, that and lovelovelove
I was really happy to finally found a recording of something that wasn't metal on this site
Reminds me of david bowie. I LOVE Bowie, and I may just love you.

Seriously though. I love the dynamics going completely quite and coming back. The guitar, very minimalist. And I love the high piercing tones.

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Wow the harmony at the beggining is cool!!
And the vocals are Bowie-esque lol. I'm not a big fan of tons of reverb but oddly it worked for this song. Kinda trippy lol.
How did you get the decent recording quality?? Overall it was extremely good. Not my kinda music but it had a dream like feel to it. Maybe the vocals could be softened sligtly though, it's a bit ear piercing lol

Mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=15526824#post15526824
Unfourtunately its metal/rock lol.
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Nice try, but I find the vocals irritating and the guitar playing sloppy.
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Nice try, but I find the vocals irritating and the guitar playing sloppy.

why bother posting? it's obvious that you think that everyone else's music is crappy, so if you can't contribute anything constructive, please leave.
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you ask for crits and thats what i gave. If you only want a thread full of positive crits then maybe you should post elsewhere
i don't care about positive, i want constructive. instead of saying "guitar was sloppy" point to specific moments when i was out of time, or suggest riffs that could be improved. instead of saying "vocals were annoying" tell me why my vocals were annoying, and how i can improve them. that is constructive criticism.
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This was a very interesting ride. I didn't not enjoy it... but I don't know if I entirely enjoyed it either. I'll try to explain.

There was a lot of very interesting "harmony" and "psychedelic" background instrumentation. I can see what he is saying about the vocals, even if he is being a prick. They fit the song, but they sort of cover up what you are saying due to the vary nature of using that style of singing. The music isn't terribly complex, so covering up lyrics is sort of like masking the defining feature of a face. It makes it hard to appreciate the face, its like looking at someone in sunglasses, you might recognize them, but you can't fully appreciate their beauty. That said, I think the style of singing really fit the "out there nature" of the keyboard background etc...

A lot of the background guitar Leads parts are quite impressive, and there is quite a lot of skill demonstrated here. I just feel like I didn't feel the full impact of the song because so much of it is hidden in the "out there" style. If that makes sense. So, it was a good listen, I enjoyed the style and the delicate execution and mixing... but I don't think it will be stuck in my head tomorrow, or that I will be able to recall much of anything tomorrow. It just lacks a hook or the audible lyrics to give me a line to sing over and over. If that makes sense.

Anyways, sorry for rambling.

c4c? http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=923741
Zanas has got this bang on the nail. It does sound psychedelic and isn't quite to my taste either but it's still good. The intro reminds me of when the solo kicks in on Bowie's 'Heroes'. Some of the harmonies cut into my speakers and my ears in places but overall a very good job indeed. Keep it up!
Hey man good song. Pretty good quality. I didn't like lead guitar tone at the beginning, but the drums and acoustic sounded good. I like the doubled vocals at the beginning. Very relaxed song. You're a really good singer man. I wish I could be a good singer so I wouldn't have to deal with singers anymore The song flowed really well. Good job!

Great recording man.

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I remember liking your recordings a while back and liking them, so I thought I'd check how you've progressed.

You have a very good grasp of layering, although that first little guitar solo thing is pretty quiet.

On the subject of mixing, I think you've pumped it a little hard (there's some pretty noticeable clipping in places). That acoustic guitar sound isn't my favourite, either. In general, there's just something about the mix I'm not digging, I think it's in the EQ, possibly a large excess of low-mids.

As for the song itself, it doesn't appeal to me greatly due to the style (not a pop-hater, but this particular type of mysterious layered pop just doesn't agree with me for some reason).

I like little touches like the rattlesnake sound or whatever that is, and all of the progressions sound quite developed. I certainly admire your approach to arrangement.

Crit mine?
Fantastic stuff man, all I can say. I completely love all of your music, and you are incredibly talented.
Impressive musicianship... u say ur going to college? i'd say write an album and make a million bucks lol

PS i think you have a fanatic there *cough* BigWun
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btw, thanks led hed. i am going to college....but i probably won't be famous. to much work with med school for that.
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The intro does sound a little weird - in terms of guitar but then again your music is one of the most unique I've ever heard - So I hear it as part of your style.

The verse sounds very nice - the doubled vocals work very well. The bass in the back is also very nice. Very cool when it breakdowns. Liked the keys alot.

Well structured song and Great songwriting - simple and catchy - Quite an anthem-esk type song which is good.

I think your vocals are really great on this. Good job.
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Sweet intro, very mellow. I like how you started the vocals off in a slightly whispered voice. You know, when you sing low, you really remind me of the guy from Depeche Mode. Ahhh those bell effects...tibetron right? I'd recognize those FL studio bells anywhere The guitar solo in the background took me by surprise, I didn't really notice it until near the end of it. It was a pretty cool idea. I really like the small break at 2:28 with the acoustic guitar bits. As always, your use of more than one vocal track is very creative. I really liked the contrast. The ending solo type thing with the clean guitar was really good, I really enjoyed it.

Overall, pretty good song man! Good job
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I really like the style. The concept you have is fantastic, but I don't like the way it's executed in a lot of spots. The reverb you use is a little overkill. But it's a REALLY good idea. I think if it was just a little less reverb it would be amazing. It kinda reminds me of classic rock meets Howie Day. Some of the harmonizing is too monotone for me. The lyrics are really nice. And the music behind it is EXCELLENT. So well done. I just think you need to work a little on your mixing a little. But it's definitely a really good job for not having a producer or something do it for you.
thanks guys. the reverb was a bit much. what can i say, i'm insecure about my vocals.
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This is a complex and well written song. The vocals are definately what make it, you have nice melodies and an interesting vocal tone. I think the reverb is a little too strong, but its okay...it kind of gives it an ambience. I didn't really like the guitar in the mix, it seemed like it was kind of pushed in the background and I thought the treble was too high. The playing itself was nice however. I listenened to some of your other songs, I like Breathing for You the most.

Ha, I was reading through the thread...we've got a lot in common. I'm also starting college soon with intentions of going to med school, so yeah, I understand the whole thing with not having time to record a full CD. I'm trying to finish a demo cd before I move to Charleston because I know I want have any time to write/record while at school.

Keep up the good work in your music and good luck in college.
Chrisssss. I love the acoustic guitar in the intro. The song has a really distinct sound, a little different from your other stuff. I like it. I wish you put up lyrics, because what I can make out from it seems really interesting. I love the part around 1:10. Genius. The back up vocals are great around there. Vocals are great in general. Love it. I generally like your sort of calm songs a little more.
ok anie!

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and now you think of your homeland
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