so i just purchased a sunn sonaro head. it was the one with the 1x15 cab, but the head has been removed and put into different casing.

it has two 6550 power tubes, one 12ax7 preamp tube, and a tube rectifier. i want to replace the rectifier but have no clue what kind i need. the numbers and everything are all worn off and the guy i bought it from doesn't know.

i'm new to tube amps, but really want to get this replaced. please help.
Its probably a GZ34, I think most tube rectified Sunns used them.

Are you planning to replace it with another tube rectifier or a plug in solid state rectifier?
If it has two 6550s it's probably more than a GZ34... What's the size and shape? Pictures would help.
The Laney Thread are big and clever. No exceptions.
it was about a five inch tall cylinderical tube.

far right behind the power transformer. thats the only picture i have(from the auction). i don't have a camera...