I don't know if you guys have heard of this service called Sly Dial or not, it is a new free service that allows you to call people and it instantly goes to their voicemail, without them having their phone ring. You just call ******** and follow the instructions.

Three uses I have come up so far are:

-You are sick and want to stay home from work, but don't want to have to tell that to your boss, so just slydial him.

-You don't really want to talk to your girlfriend/you forgot to call her/etc, but you want to show her your care so very much, so slydial.

-You have a person you know that has a birthday or something, but you really just don't want to talk to them because they talk too much or whatever, so slydial them as well.

I am sure there are many more uses for an instant voicemail...though

Oh, and the voicemail the person receives is exactly like a normal voicemail, it doesn't show the slydial number or anything, just yours number.

I have tried it on a few people and it seems to be working pretty well, so I thought it was pretty interesting and thought I would share it.
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Ad? I'm reporting this just in case.

yeah, hes advertising it.
but watever, sounds kinda cool i guess.
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dude, anyone who has hotmail has seen the ad on msn.
it's pretty obvious what the point of it is.
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