try making the chord changes a little more apparent. maybe just turning the lead down a bit may help. thats all fine tuning though. i thought the song was pretty cool. the intro seems like it needs a little more work. spice it up a bit. all in all i like
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Actually, i think it sounds great, a great instrumental just ad some bass and it will sound awesome
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I dont like your guitar tone, it's a little to punchy, but the music itself is very good in my opinion, the phaser (I think its a phaser) in it is quite noticeable. The riff gets a little repetitive, and your drummer sounds like ass. It needs more vocals, and some of the licks are too repetitive.

However, overall, the song is very cool, I hope you put up a tab for us
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its not bad a little slow 4 me reapeats way 2 much but if thats wat ur goin 4 great i wouldn't buy the album if everything was like that