Hey guys,
Does anyone know how to take a single picture and print it so that it will come out on multiple pieces of paper than I could piece together to make something the size of a poster?

EDIT: Found it, enjoy guys.

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the dots really aren't that bad.....and you can get seriously big pictures, the original doesn't have to be high res at all

and it seems that photoshop doesn't have any function for it natively (maybe a plugin is out there or something)

but you could do it the hard way with some creative use of the crop tool
Nevermind, I just found something that does it fine.
Thanks anyway though
Just look around for a plotter. It's a huge printer, most company's with some form of multiple office groups got one.

So you dont have to tape all the pieces together.
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DAMN, I lost the site
I had to go upstairs, and I closed it by accident. :/

And to d von, one of those would be nice, but for now, I'll just do it on my crappy ol' computer.

EDIT: Found it.


Enjoy making posters in the comfort of your own home
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