Hello, ive been playing a guitar for around a year and doing great i currently have an ibanez 321 but recently i had a chance to pick up a baritone guitar (ibanez mmm1) which heavy riffs just blew my mind and now i want to own one myself. If i had the money id go straight to music shop and buy an mmm1 myself but im forced to a budget of around 350$ so are there any good(cheap) alternatives?

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Agile @ Rondo music

I bought it and its pretty damn cool. Agiles are awesome bang for your buck. I have 16 guitars right now and the last four have been Agiles. Theres a really good utube vid of a guy and this exact guitar, which is what finally convinced me to try out an Agile. I know its a bit more than the $350 you said, but if you could round up the extra $80 or whatever I'd go for it, as I really don't know where you'd find anything of similar quality at such a low price.
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