what's better a fender standard telecaster or a Gretsch G5120? I would hot rod either of them. I would play rockabilly, rock, metal, and ska.
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whatever you prefer, id get the tele myself though
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It depends what you prefer, since they're very different styles of guitar. The Gretsch is a hollowbody w/ two humbuckers, the Tele is a solid body with single coils. I'm assuming that the Gretsch would be better for what you want to play, but I think either would do.
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I'd say the telecasters alot more versatile, it'd cover your genres preety well, fender standard series is really good quality too, well worth the price
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Get a telecaster with a humbucker in it.
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IMO, todays MIM standards are just rebranded squier affinities with slightly better electronics.

However I cant comment on the gretsch, but if you do have the tele bug, for a slight bit extra you can get the Lite Ash Tele which is thrice the guitar the standard is in feel and tone, and much more sexy.