Hey UG!
Do any of you know about any good UK amp customising shops, specificaly to put an FX loop in a tube amp? Around the London area would be prefereable if possible.

Many Thanks


"amp customise london"




My services include:

Amplifiers / pedals (stomp boxes) / PA systems:
general check-up / service,
valve / solid state amps repair,
re-valving, re-biasing,
modding (FX loops, channels switching, tone controls, custom mods, extra features),
pots replacement,
transformers replacement,
vintage amps restoration
Thank you please.
tried guitaraid the guy hasnt replied yet... it's always best to shop around, any other suggestions?
I've been looking aswell; And I also got no reply from guitaraid lol.

I did send an email to this guy who seems to be very knowledgable and replied promtly to my email. He's in Godalming which is about an hours drive from london.


I also found this site which is probably closer to you if your in london.


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