Hey guys. I've gone through tons of old bands and modern music and my love for classics has almost completely overshadowed that of new stuff. Hopefully you guys can prove me wrong; what's good nowadays?

Just to gauge, here's the stuff I like now from the old days: Van Halen, Rush, The Police, Oingo Boingo, Ratt, Ozzy, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Joe Satriani, and Boston. Pretty standard. But right now, the only recent band I can think of that I genuinely enjoy is Gorillaz. Can't stand stuff like Radiohead or Linkin Park.

Any suggestions? Thanks. :]
try.... colour haze many of the songs are a long build up like this. if you like it id recommend buying their album "Tempel". that's my favorite
EDIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Listen to some tool!Tool- Schism
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Hmm...try Jesus Christ Superstar. Based on the bands you listed, I guarantee you'll like it.
Er....modern? Thanks, though.
Mars Volta, Coheed & Cabria
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I really appreciate it, but I don't really think it's doing it for me. Is there something modern that just has raw energy, but still retains a catchy melodic form--something like Judas Priest?

Don't mean to be snobbish; I do appreciate your guys' suggestions.

On the upside, I am enjoying some bits and pieces; I have enjoyed White Stripes before, and Black Keys and Mars Volta are interesting so far.

Edit: I just found the suggestion sticky--so I'm gonna try my luck on stuff like Audioslave and QOTSA. Thanks once again!
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The Hives, The Strokes, The Libertines, Early Man, Whitestarr, The Vines, Franz Ferdinand. Some of the ones I can think of right now that you might like.