hey i was wondering if any of you have ever sold gear to guitar center or sumthin like that? i have a squier strat (affinity series) in pretty good condition that i might like to sell. i plan on buying a standard strat. but im wondering if it is worth it to sell this one? anybody know how much i could get for it at guitar center? i play lots of red hot chili peppers stuff, nirvana, some older stuff too lk classic rock from the 70s. any suggestions on getting an amp also?
GCs will give you half of what they/you can sell it for, if they take it at all. You're a thousand times better off if you check what your guitar is selling for on ebay, and post on craig's list.
dont get the line6 spider III amp
it sounds so fake it sucks

the line 6 spider II amp is pretty solid, its almost as jesus as me
^^^^Um yea

Your not going to get much for that guitar even on ebay or craigslist. That guitar is only 150 new. Better off just keeping it as a second guitar.