I'm looking for a pedal that will take my clean tones and make them louder and not lose any tone. So basically a clean boost pedal. I've looked into several. Keeley Katana, Catalinbread Super Chile and Catalinbread Serrano Picoso. I also need a good wah pedal and a delay. I've looked into a Teese RMC picture wah (I'm looking for that jimi SRV clapton wah vibe) and a fulltone clyde. I've been drooling over that trex replica delay but I don't feel like shelling out 400 bucks for it. Any help would be great.
I'd take either of the Catalinbread's over the Keeley by far.

I'm not very partial to wahs, but both that you are looking at are great (don't think you can go wrong)

T-rex has the Reptile delay too...it's pretty similar to the replica....but you might like to look at the MXR Carbon Copy for a delay too.
thanks man. I read reviews on harmony cental and ppl were way more partial to the catalinbreads. I just can't decide which one i want between the two. Is the only difference the price?
No you get a fat boost....(generically described as a bass boost)...with the Super Chili.
so which one would you recommend? for some reason I feel like i'm leaning toward the serrano picoso but i dunno